Ethiopian Democracy Will Be Decided In The Voting Booth


It is regrettable those who proclaim their wish for a “stable and prosperous” democracy in Ethiopia should do so by flagrantly displaying their contempt for Ethiopian sovereignty. Only the people of Ethiopia can decide whether their elections are free and fair. Ethiopia’s democracy rests wholly on the consent of the people of Ethiopia, not the approval or hectoring of outsiders.

Democracy cannot be dictated to the Ethiopian people nor managed for them from afar by remote control. Recent history shows the practice of delegitimizing elections by spreading disinformation is harmful to the cause of democracy even in societies with the longest history in electoral practices.

For decades, the game of democracy was played on Ethiopians as outsiders turned a blind eye. On June 5, 2021, the democracy the people of Ethiopia have yearned for decades will be held peacefully in an election that is free and fair.

Friends of Ethiopia and those who claim to champion the cause of democracy should stand with Ethiopia and help bring to reality the democracy the people of Ethiopia have dreamt about for so long.

Those with mature democracies have a moral duty to help young, growing democracies. Those who are engaged in disparaging and mudslinging at Ethiopia’s election are no different than those who desperately tried to remain in office by making the electoral process a mud fight.

In a democracy, the people decide. On June 5, 2021, the people of Ethiopia shall cast their ballots and elect the government they want. Those who wish Ethiopians a “stable and prosperous democracy” should refrain from their smear campaign of Ethiopia’s election. Ethiopian democracy will be decided in the voting booth, not by a committee vote.



Ambassador Fitsum Arega of Ethiopia

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